TFT - How to make this a fair gamemode that would last a long time.

Dear Summoners, So i've been playing a lot of TFT the past 24h, and i would like to bring some things to attention, Also, i'm wondering what your guys opinion is on the matter. First of all, The itemdrops feel super random. Some people get 3 items in phase one (Minion kills before the pvp starts), While other people get non, or only 1. In my opinion everyone should get a equal drop of items, otherwise it feels like a disadvantage from the 1st moment. 2nd point i want to make, is when it comes to the unequal start in phase one, how is riot ever going to release a ranked mode, with such uninfluencial itemdrop system? I can't see that work, as the ranking might be a bit more RNG than having to use brains. 3rd point i'd like to point out is the shop, it is super RNG, which is fine.. but i can't wrap my head arround some people having a lvl 3 (or multiple) super early, while other need to keep spending gold in order to "find" their right champions.. Is there some hidden braincells i need for this to work out xD ? Also, i would really like to see some "reward system" linked to TFT. Right now i make 0 progress towards exp. or blue essence, which honestly feels a bit disappointing. I do really enjoy the gamemode, this is just me thinking out loud on how we could improve the gamemode. Let me know what you think! With regards, veteran player Dkiddeh.{{champion:21}}
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