Game mode suggestion: Story mode

Hi all, a level 6 friend of mine, suggested me a pretty good idea that i want to share with the community. Since that LOL's lore (including alternative universes) is more and more accessible through videos, comics ... etc. what do you think about solo/duo player featured game modes in which the characters story is playable? For example, a story splitted in 5 stages about the phase 3 star guardian lore. immagine a game mode in which you start as a level 1 star guardian neeko and then you (and an optional partner) can dialog with other champions as NPCs or cinematic for a little explanation, and then start a fight against Xayah ending the 1st phase. In phase two the player may play an alternative protagonist and face a similar dynamics that he in fase one (or a different game mode like a mini game), and so on going through the final stage with the boss, reward and all the s**t. We think it's a way to transform all the good lore it's been created by rioters in playable content.
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