RIOT we REALLY need this . I know that there are some exeptions but i am looking at the thing as a whole. Imagine a happy evening you decide to play one normal game on Summoner´s DisconnectionRift. Everything works fine you pick your roles, set up summoner spells, you check once again if you have a good masteries and runes and there we go loading screen and after a minute you are finally in the game. Woah what is that ? our jungler is dc ? hmm no worries he will reconnect surely just a firewall bug . After 5 minutes of normal game few trades and a gank you hear a sound of Dragon´s last dieing breath and you realize, even if our jungler comes up online we lost. Bot is being pushed due to constant camp and mid lane got rekt because he first timed Varus mid. And now you know that you have to suffer the remaining 15 minutes in a lost game becuase you can´t even leave. The huge frustration from game like this is probably the sole reason for the whole flame and afk thing. Because after you lose the game you decide that you will give it another shot and BAM! You are 4v5 again. Suffering AGAIN from the same thing as last game and you cant do anything about it oh that is just so great. Now i have to state that i DO leave games if I am stuck with 4v5 for like 10 minutes. -pros : you save time, you avoid the larger amount of frustration you get. you can play another game ( i usually go to dota or skyrim ) -cons: you will get reported you will get flamed you will probably get punished ( chat or ranked restriction ) Also if enemy team has 4 players from the begining i just dont report any of them for any reason. Because i know the frustration they are going through and i know they will try to get rid of it and the best way to do it ( without leaving the game ) is start to flame. That is a fact. Yes we have ranked, chat restrictions and afk queues. BUT what does that matter if you will recieve constant frustration from 4v5 games or 3v5 games, hell nobody wants to play 4v5 not even enemy team what the fuck RIOT. tl;dr : Adding a " game is safe to leave option " ( If the player is disconnected for more than 5 mintes ) is the best way to keep fun on the summoners rift and clean it from flame and frustration. And my last toughts: SUMMONERS!!! DONT REPORT IF YOU DONT HAVE TO!!! You know you are better than this, they were 4 against 5 whole time, how would YOU feel in their place ?. If the system is wrong you wont fix it by reporting 4 frustraded players.
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