Dear Riot Games.

I have a suggestion about the ranked games, but it's more of a thing that really needs to be done to avoid intentional trolling. I really like how you've listened to player's suggestions and tried to improve the ranked games , queues, roles and everything it's paid out. I realize that the dynamic queue is supposed to help when it comes to avoiding trolls in your team but it's hard for us soloq players. :I Here's my example. - Today I played a ranked game, I was supposed to be a mid laner and had Vladimir as a pre-pick. I asked in chat nicely for my team not to ban Vladimir, the last ban on my team was about to be something else, like Heca or Darius don't remember but as soon as I wrote don't ban Vlad. The player went and banned him. Afterwards he said "Pick Swain." Like it's not his business what I wanna play ? I mean, I have Mastery 7 on Vlad with decent win ratio. What's people's problem ? If anything it helps them that I'm playing a champion I'm good at. This kind of behaviour in my opinion is trolling at top level. It's worse than flaming, since you can just mute people. So, my suggestion : Is it possible to make a change such as other players not being able to ban the champion you have pre-selected ? Thank you in advance.
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