Riot, you are making a huge mistake with the "Blind 10 Bans" system

/dev: On Launching 10 Bans - Nexus - League of Legends
Implementing more bans into regular play had us asking some tough questions: "How many bans is enough bans?", "What happens if everyone gets the pro draft?", "Should we just remove Yasuo and Camille from the game to save time?" In the upcoming system, everyone gets a ban and all 10 players ban simultaneously.
First of all, yes for 10 bans. Second of all, absolutely NO to removing the drafting ban phase. We have the mode where drafting doesn't exist. It's called Blind Pick. And this 10 Ban system is literally just Blind Bans. Do not remove the strategy that goes into the ban phase. Rather, make it so that there is still a possibility to build strategy with the bans. This Ban system really just fits into the Blind Pick mode so you don't have to deal with the champion you hate the most but you still want to "save time" yo get into a game. So you could say that Blind Pick isn't competitive? Well that's what this Blind Ban is too. Not competitive. This is going to be a very unhealthy system and I bet Riot will return to fix this in the near future. I really think a "Snake draft" of 2-3-3-2 would be much better. But don't let me do the work for you guys. I'm sure there are way better options that this Blind Ban system.
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