"Give it time, people will learn how to play Bard" (No, they won't.)

Sorry for being salty about this, but we now had weeks to learn Bard, haven't we? Surely by now, this great, powerful, useful and incredibly helpful champion is in a good shape, no? No, actually he isn't: http://loldb.gameguyz.com/champions/Bard.html Bard has the lowest winrate of all champions currently in game. And its not like "Gnar-Low" when he came out and people still messed the rage timing, no. Its 40 PERCENT. **In ranked its 37 percent**. Just to clarify, as soon as a champ has a higher than 55% winrate, it is usually broken to some extend and gets nerfed. And its not even that he is per-se a bad champion. But the problem is, many people who run Bard, at least the sample I had the misfortune to play with, tend to be among the worst support players in the community. Let me tell you what, in my experience, the average bard does on platinum ELO: * Runs around the map, collecting his music-turds * Feeds Kills to the enemy jungler, because people still either haven't figured out that 1) his portal IS NOT CLICK DEPENDENT and 2) THE ENEMY CAN FOLLOW THROUGH IT. That's it. And no, they don't ward. I mean, why would I ward, when I am deep in enemy territory, right? That's just insane. I am just gonna quote here: >lol i have journey no need ward scrub That particular bard died 30 seconds later btw. when the enemy jungler and midlane both collapsed on him. Oh, yes, I almost forgot: They initiate "ganks" toplane, despite being pinged to fu\*\* off 10 times in a row, by taking a magical journey into the enemy turret, ulting the enemy, and dying to the turret. While they are busy staring at the death-screen, they ask the team to report the toplaner for not joining their suicide party. I have not the slightest idea, why this champion is attracting so many incredibly bad players. Maybe because nonsensical overweight anime figures are appealing to western wannabe-Otakus, so they don't feel too bad about themselves, when they remember the fact that despite their pathological fanboyism towards everything that even remotely looks japanese, they cannot even pronounce a single japanese word correctly, let alone read Kanji or even Hiragana. --- If you want to play a fun, fat, trolly support, go Blitzcrank. You will most likely miss 99.99% of grab-attempts, but at least you have an impossible to miss ultimate. Might not turn these guys into actually useful players, but at least they will not feed that many kills.
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