New tasks and unlockable content

Hi everybody :) I want to make a suggestion that will improve the gameplay, the lore and make everything more dinamic. I want to start with the sinergy between lore and gameplay. I would suggest that every champion should receive some tasks. For example, as a Nasus player your tasks will be: kill Xerath, kill Renekton and kill Cassiopeia.(10 times for everyone). It will took several games to complete those 3 tasks, but when you'll complete it you're gonna receive an unique skin with Nasus, something like Ancient Nasus or Demigod Nasus. Another task for the same champion will be to get 10 assists at Sivir's kills. After you complete those 10 assists after several games you're gonna receive one summoner icon with Nasus. And when you master a champion(lvl 5) I think it will be nice if you could receive as an unlockable content, a lore video with that champion. You should be able to check your lore videos in LoL menu(in game) and maybe to receive some bonus ip for every 5 champions you master. This will be so good for the players that doesn't play that much and they maybe wanna get some ip for a 6300 champion. Those tasks should be avaible for every champion in game and I think this idea can bring a lot of variety. Also, it will make the players to focus in someway on lore too, because those tasks make connection between a champion's lore and the game.As an another example, I give you Katarina. She has 3 friends and 2 rivals, so her tasks will be to kill that 2 rivals 10 times for each one(maybe it will took 20-30 games to achieve that since some champions are not picked too often). Some champions will have harder tasks, others will have easy tasks...but this is the beauty, the variety. I'm waiting for your opinions.
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