Hey ZedMains. Lets talk about our boy.

Hey, Im I only one who is so frustrated of RITO absolutely ignoring one of the iconic champs in league? Zed sucks, literally for almost two years already. Every single assassin is literally killing machine after DH rework, but Zed? You cant even play Zed with DH to be usefull. RITO is so afraid of low elo Zed or? I played Zed since season 4 but last two years i cant hit more than dia 3 with it. I know in low elo, Zed is something nobody cant play against. But there are also higher elo players who play Zed and as one of them im getting pissed of when i see everything go against my favourite champ since i start play league. Lethality rework, Meta, Pasive armor from runes, annie with zhonyas rush, 10 armor from runes one shot you, 600 g items that counter your ulti, time warp tonic op af. So what are your thoughts about Zed right now? Which buff you think is acceptable? For me E dmg is so useless, that spell is key for lategame teamfights but definetly need some AD ratio up. His passive should be reworked, W needs definetly lower CD early and his ulti should be reworked for new metas too.
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