What the removal of Normal Draft will ACTUALLY do.

RIght, so we all know that Riot intend to pull the plug on Normal Draft and thankfully they haven't yet on EUW, according to them this is because Blind is played more. My first question is by whom? I have yet to meet a player who genuinely prefers blind to draft. Anyway, that's not what this thread is about, so onto business. 1. People who play ranked for competitive and normal draft to learn new stuff. These people will be forced into one of the two ranked queues to learn new stuff because these people tend to be reasonably sane and not go near blind, ever. This will diminish the competitive integrity of the ranked queues. 2. People who play predominantly normal draft, ranked if they're feeling competitive. These people will be forced into one of the two ranked queues because they're reasonably sane and won't go near blind, ever. This will put these players in an uncomfortable position of having to play ranked when they may not feel ready for it, or whatever. 3. People who like to play with friends in wildly ranging ELO/MMR, but hate blind. Forced into ranked or blind, will hurt competitive integrity, put them in a situation they don't like, I feel like a broken record .... 4. People who play ranked pretty much exclusively. Will suffer the reduced competitive integrity because of 1, 2 and 3. I have never seen Riot make a more questionable decision.
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