The new ryze

Let me just start by saying this is based purely on my experiences and are simply thoughts I had after seeing the new ryze. After playing against and as the new ryze I have a few thoughts. Mainly I think he needs some nerfs. I feel like the problems are with his E, I feel like he can spam it too much and it gives him too much damage early game. He can literally spam the crap out of this without any problems. Now usually this wouldn't be much of a problem but in ryze's case I feel like it is since it empowers all his other abilities. I mean his lane harass is just silly. His Q gains too much damage early (maybe it could start somewhere at 20% bonus dmg and scale up to 40%) same goes with with his root duration. To me ryze has always been a very meh mage early game but has been known to scale very well into the late game. However after the rework he seems to be having an amazing laning phase, has no problem bursting targets down late and mid game. Which leads me to think that his early game should be nerfed. What are your thoughts on the new ryze?
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