Is Censer Better then Redemption/Locket?!

Hey dear Board, As a support Player , I got a bunch of active items at my disposal , I am also often told that e.g. Ardent Censer{{item:3504}} is better then Redemption{{item:3107}} or Locket{{item:3190}} From the data I get ingame (by looking at the healing done/dmg done/healing done values , Censer{{item:3504}} seems to be by far inferior , especially considering that the Ingenious Hunter + {{item:2045}} get you to around 60-70%~ Active Item CDR meaning that 1-2 good Redemption{{item:3107}} usages already almost outdo a whole game of Censer{{item:3504}} usage... Stats from OP.GG also show that Censer{{item:3504}} has worse winrates than the other items {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} . I would love to have the ability to check the stats of my items postgame , like its possible with runes now. I think that would be pretty good to have a more sophisticated read on item powerlvls. It's just really difficult to justify going {{item:3107}} or {{item:3190}} over {{item:3504}} mostly because the highelo players still favor {{item:3504}} . But being able to collect some additional data would help. Do you agree or disagree ? am I just delusional when it comes to this ? Lemme know <3

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