Illaois E question and feedback :)

Hey guys, so with the last Illaoi nerf now teammates can just destroy the tentacles for you and you lose 1 stack even if you didn´t hit the tentacle you just need to stay in range is that correct ? And now the main question when you vessel 3 guys do 3 tentacles spawn on each one when they are near or only 1. And when 1 tentacle dies near the 3 vessels do all 3 guys lose 1 stack ? If so Illaoi must have been broken like hell before the nerf imagine you vessel 3 guys and each one need to wait until he can kill 1 tentacle and need to pray nobody steals it xD And this goes 1 min meanwile you can vessel another guy. Would be nice if someone can explain this to me thanks a lot mates and i hope Riot gives Illaoi some love bring a new champ out and then dont fix him feels like a big waste. I think the passive should be buffed this random thing is not good when you can spawn a tentacle some symbols on the walls should appear and illaoi should be able to select where she wants this tentacle. More over 11 seconds for 1 tentacle spawn feels a bit high. I think you should reduce it or let it stack to 2 tentacles just like the heimer towers cause in late you need your ulti otherwise your not really strong cause you got no control of your passive :/ Angelo
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