riot please nerf every champion

I would really like riot to nerf everyone. (or at least all strong champions) Teamfights now a days are about who can burst each other faster. not fun to play like this (in my opinion). Also, this means that if you get a lead begin game it's really easy to snowball the rest of the game because you will be able to burst everyone but not the other way around. I find the game not really fun in the state it is in now because of this. I rarely play those nerfwrecking games where both teams are going even and you have to try really hard. It's either that you win super hard or lose super hard. Note: Not everyone has to agree with me and I get that there are a lot of different opinions about this topic. This is just my look on the game as it is right now. I only wanted to share my opinion to let riot know how I (and other people) are thinking about the game in it's current state.
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