Ranked: trolls, afk and PING

For every game I have lost due to Trolls, people afk'ing, heck even people that don't deserve to be in that ello to begin with, I would be roughly Gold V. However, im stuck in Silver 3 because the ranked system is atrocious. This game has been out of 10 years? we dont see anything like a ping cap to prevent these players throwing your game. For AFK the rest of the team still gets the full punishment for them leaving the game, so how hard is it implement a soft lost system? And for trolls, even though you have the report system, that means jack, you still are going to lose LP EVEN IF THE REPORT GOES THROUGH, NOTHING HAPPENS TO YOU. Despite me wring this constructive rant, i believe riot will do kcuf all to fix this. The Rank system is suppose to be there to measure your skill. In reality ranked is such a agonising game mode that only makes you frustrated and measures luck. And you wonder WHY your game has suck a toxic community? I dont blame some people for flame because like me its such a torment having to deal with these factors. Please. fix. your. system. Thank you.
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