Why does Riot keep turning fun things into trash?

As a person who was a bit skeptical at first about the adc updates last season found that it had some fun new ways to go about one of my main roles. Especially one of my all time favs, Kogmaw, was a joy to see him go from powerful tankshredder to "fuckemup gatling spitter". But yeah, its kinda starting to become a trend for Riot now to do something, make people get used to it, and then change it up again, for the sake of changing. comparing how Kogmaw is back to his old self again with the previous version, i shed a tear. or in the current case, from adc's getting some love last season to powering up assassins this season so much that adc will probably become one of the more hated roles this season (we've all seen the memes). and you know how Twitch could previously still have a change by getting out of troublesome situation with his cloak, giving some hope? well Riot thought of a nice way to pound that into the ground as well, with new cool edgy *coughunneeded* differences between stealth! new is better right? Could Riot please just... you know... F* off with these terrible changes, thinking theyre being new and fresh?
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