Why people don't want to admit that ranked is not that well designed?

Games till the very high divisions are absolutely random and the low divisions don't represent absolutely anything, they are just some place you either get lucky (Yes, that is the only way to get out of the low divisions without many games lost to people who INTENTIONALLY want you to lose or are clearly not ready for the division) or are stuck till you get lucky because you have to otherwise already be able to play like a challenger which clearly is not possible considering you never knew what is like to play like such and watching any videos doesn't give even half of the information you need. But even if you play like a challenger you still have to lucky out, even the best players can't win impossible games because even if you play absolutely perfect your teammates can simply feed the enemy smurfs and they will deny you. Yes, smurfing is probably the biggest reason for the divisions to be some pointless images that mean nothing, in every single game you have the chance of playing with and against players of all the divisions. Not only that, just look at twitch and youtube. Million of streams and videos of people doing unranked to challenges. Your progression is simply not linear and you have to already play like a really high elo to get out. Not only that, there is another atrocious thing, lets say you learn your micro and macro perfectly, THE SYSTEM MARKS YOU AS A SMURF AND IT GETS EVEN WORSE. I'm sure putting Mike Tyson or any other professional boxer or UFC fighter against newbies sounds fun when its not a serious match but imagine being an amateur boxer and your chance to learn the ropes can be obstructed by random matching against the top 10 boxers. Riot can easily prevent that, these people are openly saying what they do yet Riot refuses to do anything.
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