Trynd ult should be susceptible to true damage or silences

Ok, this may be a bit of a salt rant, but there's still a core of logic at its roots. Trynd ult currently has no counterplay. He can activate it even while he's stunned, so he just gets an automatic 6 seconds of being alive during any fight. The only way you can play against this is to run and keep him cc'd for the duration of the ability. However, if you don't have a giant dash running is next to impossible, and if you don't have a lot of hard cc he's just gonna kill you. The traditional way to deal with a splitpusher is to leave someone who can waveclear in the other lanes while you go kill the splitpusher with multiple people. With trynd however there's nothing you can do. If you come with multiple people, and if those don't have enough hard cc, he's gonna be able to either run away or get at least 1 kill because you cant all run away from trynd without giving him an easy escape. So, the ideal thing to do would be to put him up against a 1v1 champ that can win from him. This champ doesn't really exist. You can go a tank, but toplane tanks are garbage in this meta. The only toplaner that can reliably kill him in a 1v1 is Jax. So, can we please change his ult? Because if he gets fed theres just way too little counterplay to it. Please just make it so that either true damage can go through the ult, or make the ult turn off while he's silenced. This would open up champs like Urgot and Cho'Gath as counters to him and thus create more champs that can deal with a fed Trynd. I do realise that Trynd isn't exactly broken as a whole, so he should probably recieve some buffs on his other abilities to compensate, but please just do something about that cancerous ult...
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