The problem of unequal skill

If you were to check my posting history you would see that I made a few posts about the problems this game has. I realize now that most of these weren't really the problem, but there is one thing I still think is. There is too many games that are not equal (skillwise). While i have seen a lot of people blaming it on matchmaking (that might be partly true) I think it has different problem. The problem now is that people only know how to play two roles (or sometimes even only one). Few seasons back, when you couldn't choose your role before the game, players had to know how to play all the roles (or atleast 4 and traded for the last one). This causes problems with autofilled players (more in the high elo games, but in lower elo it is still noticable), but even when everybody gets their main role it has one problem: Players don't know other roles, so they don't know what that role is capable off (or isn't) and don't know matchups of that role. Which causes lot of flame and missplays simple because players don't have the knowledge (I myself am not excluded from this) And now what I personally would do to fix this? I know most people won't agree, but I would make ranked games have random roles. (This would of course cause a lot of problems when deployed and would continue to cause problems maybe for whole season. But after that the overall quality of games would go up and with it overall skill of players) So what do you think? Also bugs are big problem of this game.
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