I cant believe there are people being paid to balance this game.

its hard to believe... ...that there are people who ONLY job is to balance this game. because it feels like every decision has been made while lunch. Hecarim overtuned. Fioras kit is overloaded. Darius kit is overtuned. Reksai is overloaded. Irelia is overloaded and overtuned. Leesin is overtuned. Yuumi is just broken as %%%%. Ap items are way to strong for its prize. Riven is overloaded and tuned. Jax is overloaded Kench ist overloaded and tuned. In generel bruisers are just way to strong. they are more tanky than tanks, but deal more damage than assassin.....so wtf are they? tank assassins? everyone at riot balancing team should consider a job change.....maybe cook or something else...
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