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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _**INTRODUCTION - (TL:DR under conclusion)**_ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Support is going back into an ardent meta for the 3rd season in a row (in my honest opinion) . This can be clearly seen through the winrates of engage supports compared to enchanters. i.e. {{champion:412}} winrate against {{champion:40}} is 45 percecnt when {{champion:412}} should effectively counter her. Its also apparent as the only enaging support with over 50 winrate is {{champion:53}} but even he has <50% winrates against {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:117}}. This is due to the fact that these champions don't do enough damage to break through shields or out do heals. Not to mention the these so called "enchanters" can outdamage engaging tanks from level one, {{champion:117}} being the main culprit here. This also means that engaging supports arent tanky enough to survive poke and turn fights in their favour cause their damage is outstustained by {{champion:16}} pressing W. So I wanted to put my idea on how to increase the power of champs like {{champion:201}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} without indirectly buffing tanks and the other supports. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _**MAKE RELIC GREAT AGAIN**_ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First issue I wanted to tackle was to put {{item:3302}} back in line with the other support items. My proposition being that {{item:3302}} give 5 armor and magic resist,{{item:3097}} give 7 armor and magic resist, and {{item:3401}} give 450 health and 10 armor and magic resist as well each Spoils of War passive recharge 10 seconds faster. This gives the supports some more tanky stats in lane and allows to sustain themselves a little bit faster. It also makes {{item:3401}} stronger late game and a good item to invest early gold into. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _**ARDENT CENSER META GAVE ME A DISEASE THAT WASN'T EVEN DISCOVERED YET SO I'M GONNA %%%%% ABOUT IT**_ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next is a 2 slight changes to {{item:3114}} which would be either changing its CDR to only being 5% ({{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3222}} would still be the same), increasing the cost of{{item:1004}} to 175 gold and lowering combine costs of {{item:3070}} {{item:3096}} {{item:3098}} {{item:3028}} by 50 gold (this is so i doesn't hurt other items too much), or by lowering the 10% Heal and Shield power to 5% ({{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3222}} would still be the same). Secondly the 10% CDR on {{item:3114}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3222}} become UNIQUE passives with the names Enchanter for the 10% Heal and Shield Power and Intelligence for the 10% CDR (although they stack with each other still(I'll explain why this matters soon). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _**CANT BELIEVE I MADE THAT PLAY. WOW BRAND NEW ITEMS. WTF RIOT WILL DEFINITELY NERF THIS. SUPPORT OP?**_ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finally we have a new support item which gives engage/tank supports a stronger late game to match the presence that enchanters have. The new item {{item:3084}} (placement image(which has no name yet cause I cant create good names to save my life)) costs 2400 gold and build from a smaller new item (again no name cause my creativity is shit) {{item:3345}}(placement image) which costs 800 gold and builds from {{item:1028}} {{item:1006}} {{item:1004}} this can grants 200 health 75% base health and mana regen. This then builds with {{item:3067}}{{item:1027}} and a 550 combine cost to make {{item:3084}}. For a final stat line of 800 Health, 100% base health and mana regen, 10% CDR and 300 mana. This item has two passives. First is : Frontline > Negates all Intelligence and Enchanter effects from other items. This weakens {{item:3114}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3222}} when built with this item which when you see the next effect, you'll understand why. Secondly there is Battle Partners > Bond to a friendly champion. They gain 5% Critical hit Chance. If you gain enough bonus health, armor and magic resist give your bonded partner a bonus 5% critical hit per stat (max 20% critical hit chance in total (600 health, 60 armor and magic resist required) (only gives critical hit change to champions that have critical hit chance already and are no more then 400 units away ). This gives peeling supports like{{champion:412}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:12}} a way to buff their carries with a very important stat just like {{item:3504}} which gives attack speed and on-hit damage. The item also gives the ADC flexibilty in their build so they can get 100% crit without needing to buy a 4th crit items it also allows these supports to play with {{champion:110}} {{champion:96}} etc. who would much rather have an {{item:3504}} support. This item allows supports to build slightly tankier without pushing themselves for not building support items. an example being {{champion:12}} building a {{item:3143}} to complete the {{item:3084}} passive. The Frontline passive prevents it from being abuse by enchanters who could build{{item:3092}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3084}} {{item:3047}} and then have 20% heal and shield power, a huge shield, 40% CDR, {{item:3504}} buff and be really tank (i understand I could make the passive numbers higher for {{item:3084}} but I dont want to make it too long for it to be active and i want a small deterent for building it. It would be unfair for me to completely make it useless for ALL supports incase some weirdo want to play full tank {{champion:16}} with {{item:3504}} (oh shit that sounds so %%%%ing annoying, if you do that in a ranked game against me, I'm reporting you). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _**ITS TIME FOR YOUR FINALE (yes I did use a {{champion:202}} quote for a support discussion, sue me.)**_ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I don't have a problem with enchanter support at all. In fact {{champion:267}} is my 2nd most played champ and i what got me Gold for the first time. I just want to see support as a flexible lane that allows for a different play styles and to allow all champs to flourish in Support and not just "can it build ardent censer. As a {{champion:412}} One Trick (off and on don't question my madness) I just annoyed that champs like {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} don't even fear laning against {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:12}} because they are better at all stages of the game, which defeats the point of a champ like {{champion:412}} because he should dominate the lane against {{champion:40}} not forced to wait for that one opportunity where she has no {{summoner:4}} and no Q,W,E,R just so you can kill her. This item was very WIP and so were the changes. I want to hear from other support players and their opinions and I'm open to criticism. This was just a thought on how to improve mine and others experiences and is entirely my own opinion and im welcoming of your opinions and though (basically I'll reply if you're willing to have civilized discussion with me and aren't just gonna just keyboard warrior my %%%% off) Thank you Reading . Yours truly ~~A SALTY THRESH MAIN THAT JUST WANTS RITO TO %%%%ING NERF JANNA LULU SORAKA ARDENT AND WANT YOU TO BUFF THRESH!!1!!!1!!!11!~~ Whatever ever name I choose to go by cause I change it every other week. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ _**TL:DR for you ~~illiterate %%%%s~~ very busy and important people**_ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ {{champion:412}} and similar champs suck balls. {{item:3302}} {{item:3097}} {{item:3401}} suck balls. {{item:3504}} is still broken. Nerf {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:267}} cause theyre broken. NO I'M NOT A SALTY {{champion:412}} ONE TRICK. YOU KNOW %%%% ALL ABOUT MY LIFE! A new item that gives your ADC crit when you build tanky items and poops on {{item:3504}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3107}} if you also build them, but not too much. Just a little.
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