100% crit from 2 items champs and 1 click are for disabled people!!!

This game would be MUUUUCH interesting to play if Yasuo/Trynda would not be able to scale 100% crit for only to items! And...for GOD sake,who had this great idea? "This it's a balanced game!" - Riot jokes 2k18. STOP nerf champions...and nerf ur fking RUNES u stupid game company...if you want to make the game good stop nerf champions...you make some scum champs to be overpowered more than good champs....i dont give a fk about meta and stuff....maybe i look like a triggered silver player,but im sick of stupid patched where i see just nerfs and stuff...I UNDERSTAND THE GAME...but there it's no balance from fking runes....if Riot want League balanced...delete all runes...they are useles...u can get up status from items...why the fk u need runes?...oh,because they are not balanced,so more champs be overpowered than others....i really hate the "META"...i love some champs wich are not in meta,and when i try to play them,i lose games because a stupid team who make the patch notes decide what to play.....i tryed to play ADC with Vayne,i got a decent 7-3 score in min 12...and fking CHO with 1-5 1 shot me full hp with ult...where it's the balance? i couldnot even kite him...fk u Riot games
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