My experiences with ONSLAUGHT

Hello, This post is to open a discussion about feeling of the players on odyssey game event. I have spent this week playing new game mode (Odyssey) and after completing 2 augments mission i have following thoughts: 1. Road to ONSLAUGH: I have started palying odyssey alone starting at easiest difficulty. The game was intersting, but it wasn't really a challenge. I failed only once at "Crewmember" difficulty, but then it was easy way to ONSLAUGHT difficulty. I was not really cooperating with anyone, not looking for team or having that much fun, but I HAD SOME FUN playing yasuo with 5 augments and counting the final score in points. 2. ONSLAUGHT Then, the hell began. My first target, was to win a game. Just win. Once. After like 20 failed tries, I accidently met a 4 men premade, that forced me to pick 4 augments yasuo - we completed the mode at first attempt. I can say it was a miracle, I still didn't know how we done it - so i finished 4 augments and 5 same champion mission. Later i was trying to run 3 augments mission alone and it took me like 50 games to realise that, it makes no sense, I have no chance to win this alone, no matter how skilled am I - can can dodge skillshots forever, but Kayn will always eventaully slain me with his final combo. So.... ... i started to looking for tactics on youtube and teams on LOL boards. When i finally found a team, that knows what to do (use tactic from youtube), this mode became hell easy. I was succeeding game after game, mission after mission, with a bad feeling, that i have wasted so many time trying to do it alone. So, my conslusion is: - [BAD] This mode was hell. There was no chance to win it with random people playing random augments. There is only a limited pool of champions and augments, that gives you a chance to beat kayn in time. - [BAD] Missions, They were fail. Begging other players to pick less than 5 augments or specific champions was embarassing. Even sometime in 4 men premade, we had to surrender 2-3 games before meeting a player that cooperates. - [BAD] After my Odyssey, I feel sick about this game mode and when I see someone with an Odyssey skin in SR game I feel bad, because all those sad memories returns to me, I don't want to see it anymore. - [GOOD] I became better at dodging and reflexes. At beginning, I was dying to many pillars, stunned by skarners, hitted by projectiles, dying multiple times. In the end, I was dodging the most of attacks (excluding Kayn's, there was no use to dodge that, any time spent not hitting him was a waste of time). After i returned to Summoner's Rift, I caught myself on flashing to avoid enemy instant gank (the same button as for Odyssey dash - F) before i even thinked what was going on - that was an automatism. In lane against Ornn I was dodging the pillars without any problem, before Odyssey, I was not even noticing it on the ground. - [ ??? ] I had to start cooperating with other players. Normally i always play alone, with random players, this time, I had to make a team, because there was no use to pass the missions other way. I like the idea of the mode, that made me a better player, but some bad decisions made that mode extremally annoing and i don't want to play it ever anymore (maybe to complete mission with 1 jinx and no zoggs/sona)

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