Kai'sa Players Be Greatful

I've seen so much posts about the Arcade Kai'sa skin being disapointing. Ummmm... are you all drunk? Let me just list Kai'sas skins real quick Base- pretty good base skin Bullet Angel - pretty good release skin with chromas and Thiccness. Kda - Pretty good skin, nice effects Prestige kda kai'sa - very nice skin IG Kai'sa - very nice esports skin Arcade kai'sa - another skin for kai'sa already ok riot. So if my math is correct, that is a total of 6 skins including the base model. And she was released in march of last year. So why are you complaining, when you have 6 skins and one with chromas to play. How about you be a bit greatful to riot games for the obvious favouritism. So the skin doesn't look as good as the previous skins. Don't buy it if you don't like it. But don't complain when a champ who was released just over a year ago gets a ok looking skin.
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