Concern about udyr in preseason 2020

New changes to dragon are cool and all but I'm concerned about the absolute uselessness of cloud dragon. 1st of all the speed tunnels it creates if it's about to spawn as the 3rd dragon are just fine and require no attention. Then there's it's permanent effect when the 1st cloud dragon is slain. Effect: reduces the cooldown on your ultimate abilities. Problem: udyr has no ultimate ability, instead has a 4th normal ability. Just like the rune: ultimate hunter, which cannot grant udyr lower cooldown on phoenix stance, will get Udyr** no reward for taking this dragon.** And finally there's the dragon soul bonus. Let's say cloud dragon is the 3rd to spawn which means it'll be the only elental type to spawn from that moment on. As a 4th drake taken it'll be dominant and grant the cloud dragon soul bonus. Effect: abilities and attacks lower cooldown on other abilities. Udyr{{champion:77}} is all about cycling abilities in harmony with his attack speed and 3rd procs (and sheen{{item:3057}} /triforce{{item:3078}} ) Problem: Lowering the cooldown on abilities which already have low cooldown can only either lead to the abilities being off cooldown for a second longer before reactivation (rendering this buff **useless**) OR it leads to an unhealthy cycle (which lowers udyr's dmg and survivability, also **useless**) I feel like dragon buffs need to have atleast any use whatsoever for **EVERY** and **ANY** champion on the team.
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