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I have been playing since 2011 and decided to play ranked as soon as I hit 30. Worst decision I have ever made. Anyhow, being stuck for 1 year in bronz made me do what most people would do: make smurf accounts, which also ended up in bronz 1. Which is better because my main was placed somewhere in 650-700 elo which is roughly close to ehm... bronz 5? Made 4 accounts in total. Two got in to silver, one in to gold 5 and back to S1 because of elodecay yay! And one... this one. Level 23. And even though I play very well as an individual, i can't seem to surpass the silver 1 line. I seriously had more than a couple of dozen series which I all lost as if some one was using black magic on me. This one time, after 2 failed series in a row in one day, i went for a third one. Won 2 lost 2. That last game? We were winning so hard and i was almost crying of joy. I was Annie i very well remember. I was so fed I could literally 1 shot their adc AND their mid laner. So here I was.... so happy thinking I made it out of "elohell". Guess what? Back then, riot's servers were still flawed and not in Amsterdam as it is now. The server was crashing and roughly 8 out of 10 of the players were DCing, constantly. We lost that game, no loss prevented. I cried. From that moment I knew that riot had put me on the "don't-ever-let-this-fucking-kid-surpass-silver list". I roughly played around 1100 ranked games in 2013 of which there was a 50/50 win/loss ratio. (535 wins - 527 losses it's burned into my mind) So, whom of you my fellow veteran players are on this list as well?
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