Mage update items heading in the wrong direction

Seeing the item hextech rocket belt, there was a word that immidiately came to my mind: **unbalanced**. Some champions have ridiculous synergy with this item, like Annie. The midlane meta would be completely turned around by this item. Also, what is the reason behind removing mana regen on ap items? Poke champions are already in a weak spot at the moment with the mobility and tank meta. This will only make poking impossible without blue buff. Dodging skillshots is an important part of the game, so I don't see riot's logic behind reducing poke. Ziggs is already completely out of the meta, and this will put him in an even worse position, pushing him into the dust where Yorick lives. Other long range mages doesn't like the dash item either, because it's the long range and not mobility that makes them safe to play. With proper positioning on a long range character, no mobility is necessary. Instead, more aggressive champions will abuse the dash to oneshot people outside their normal range. The zhonias change also looks like a nerf, and this is ridiculous. AD champions becomes pretty much immune to kill potential by only building a Hexdrinker, while the AP vs AD itemization is very unsatisfying, because you have to choose either mana regen or seekers early game. When you have both, one of the laners probably have an advantage already. It is sad that the three AD assassins can ruin the midlane experience for many players. I agree with making mid champions more different, though. Xerath, Lux, Ziggs and Vel'Koz are all relatively similar, leaving you with little value from learning them all. Why don't they add an item with mana, ap and armor, or an item that increase hitboxes by a little bit? The dash item will make the game unbalanced if it is released. -- Poke mage main
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