Introducing the New Player Advice Boards!

Hi Everyone! As this is closely tied to Champions and Gameplay, I figured a post here to raise awareness wouldn't hurt :-) We're testing out a new idea with the [New Player Advice Board]( - essentially this is an area targeted specifically at the niche of newer players to get advice and ask those questions they may not feel entirely comfortable posting here. Anything from "What does CS mean?" to "How do I get gold" or "I'm new to the game and need help!" - this board is intended to help newer players get acquainted with the Fields of Justice. If you're a regular player who likes to help out newer players, feel free to drop by when the posts get flowing and give your own thoughts and help. We have some dedicated volunteers (The Instructors) who will be heading up this program and it will eventually, all going well, branch out to playing bot games with newer players, tutoring them, having an ingame chat room for pop-in questions, and whatever else the team may think up to help make joining the League of Legends a better experience. Note that we'll be redirecting posts that we feel are better suited to Champions and Gameplay (IE: More advanced tactics and just general "discussion" rather than looking for gameplay help) so these boards should still be your "go-to" for most of these topics :-)
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