The way low elo queue summoners play ranked.

The one lane mains that troll, when they get autofilled, are way too much for the bronze/silver/gold elo. Most of the people that queue (for ranked) are only playing ranked, which results in them not understanding any difference between normals and ranked. LoL is a team game where ** you and your team** is either doing good and winning or being overwhelmed and losing. In low divisions it's very different, you can see people going 20/3/9 where they obviously do all the work and get the win for the rest of the 4 teammates. It's like the goal of a "passive" ranked player is to wait for someone to carry them out of bronze/silver/gold. However, "passive" players are not playing on par with their skill (a silver 3 plays like a bronze 1) expecting to get carried. Many people play their first game of the day in ranked, they are tryharding to grind off a couple of wins so their winrate stays above 45% but at 3 out of 5 games they play, they are "passive" resulting in their teams' loss, not just theirs. There should be a way riot to control the "passive" players like if you got 4 losses (in ranked) you are banned from playing ranked until you win in draft normals. Having a player that got autofilled support say "But its my strategy to play **ward** {{champion:17}} with {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:12}} and go 0/10/0 at 10 minutes" _(before anyone talks about bounties, let's say that this teemo gets a kill steal at 15 minutes of the game)_ Getting a loss or win streak should be rewarded for low divisions accordingly. When riot queues a bronze 4 player with four iron 2 teammates, and the enemy team is 5 bronze 4 players, the iron players deserve more than 20 _measly_ league points and the bronze 4 players deserve to lose more than 20 league points (20 is a number set as an example, being accurate with numbers isn't my point here). Winning an autofill should also give you something extra, whether it would be league points or a greater chance of a key fragment. In my opinion, riot could do a better job in matchmaking for low elo. _(I am not mentioning iron because personally, I consider the whole iron rank to be a filter of the old bronze 5 division)_ **SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH**

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