Only getting extremely under-skilled teammates in ranked, not an issue in normals

I know, I know, you can always improve. Check my match history if you don't believe me though. The games aren't even close. I can tell by the 10 minute mark if we're going to lose or not. Last game we had a bot lane that went 7/28. The game was literally 3v5. Last season I went from B3 to S5 in 30 games or less if I remember correctly, this season I cannot get out of B1 in solo/duo q. What I've noticed is that our ADC nearly always gets outclassed by the enemy's, and there's no way I can stop the feed. 9/10 times there's a hard feeder present. Even though a lot of games the stats may seem not too bad, the individual skill levels in-game of my team is not on par with that of the enemy's. I might help dominate the early game, but mid-game it's always a loss, it's not even remotely close. It feels like I'm playing with B5s while the enemy has a bunch of G5s. In normals I don't have this issue. Is the match making broken? Statistically, I should get a decent team on occassion, but right now I'm on a serious losing streak with impossible odds against me.
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