This is a place where balance is based on... []( Lets nerf all the top win ratio champions from the lolking we will balance our game super badly and piss off people! Despite, lolking win ratio's are based on the average results of 23 days timescale. Despite ban ratio of the certain champions. Despite that, some of these champions has not reliable win ratio due to the pick ratio, picked by people who already know how to play it. Like : And despite people feedback, really i didnt seen anyone complaining about anivia or rammus or twisted fate for so long time. Lets nerf champions because of their win ratio. Lets leave {{item:3124}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:5}} untouched, but nerf champions based only on the win ratio... Because there is no other reason i can find in this. This game will go downhill with that kind of balance, who is going to be nerfed next? Taric?? amumu? nautilius? zyra? Morello balancing was better back in days than this imho...
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