Riot please fix Kayle on TFT

Riot, I am already rather tired of the rivals who find Kayle and push all the speeds of attack into her, and half the team is under invulnerability. I propose to make it so that she could not throw the shield, until such time as her old shield falls down. Well, or limit the number of possible shields at least to two. I think it sounds fair. And now it looks like this: she throws a shield, he acts, she throws another shield on another hero, then again, if she has a lot of attack speed, she manages to put on 3-4 shields. I had just played with such a rival, he simply assembled Kayle of the second level, and 5 heroes in his team were under invulnerability, including Kayle herself, naturally, he won, because most of his team were invulnerable. Naturally, I understand that many will not support me, because, most likely, they themselves play like this. But let's look at things adequately, from the side. When half of your team takes absolutely no damage, it’s like some kind of cheat, not a gameplay. And yes, I do not ask to be done as I suggested, I just suggested how to do it. Also apologize for my not perfect English
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