zZ'Rot portal for Splitpushing as a Top Laner. I'm asking for....uhm..a friend

Okay so, a... friend, of mine would like to become a splitpushing scumbag and he is mostly playing Top. What Champs would it be good on that can also splitpush. Is it even still a thing in the first place? I will not lie, I took a break from league and since i've returned this item really managed to stay under my radar. I think i've encountered it once and found it to be hella good, but for some reason right after the game i forgot about it. Now, I am relatively low elo (Silver 1). I mostly manage to not lose my lane - i say not lose because i am a pretty passive player for the most part, so i dont get a lot of kills in lane, but on average i outfarm my opponent. (to be fair, I mostly play {{champion:39}} , so outfarming someone isn't that hard to do and i know i should play her more aggressive in lane - i am working on that! :) ) So i am not really winning the lane, but i am not losing it either. (Although there are the ocassional games where i get rekt of course, especially lately against an Olaf.....it was just horrible). I mostly get behind in farm the longer the game progress as i tend to roam a lot, which is also a problem, but i dont want to derail the topic too much, so let's not focus on that for now. When i manage to get ahead i mostly cant capitalize on it, I am not good enough to carry, so i think my Elo is about where i should be at. However, i am getting a bit frustrated with how mid and lategame are handled . We can't really secure objectives, and when we manage to catch 1 or 2 enemies off guard, we mostly dont do a lot with that either. So splitpushing came to mind. I know many people despise it, but I think that it is a really strong tactic and can turn games around that would otherwise be lost. So **TL;DR:** What champs are good for Top Lane and splitpushing that also benefit from {{item:3512}}? Preferrably ones that aren't huge hit or miss like {{champion:75}} or {{champion:92}} (Although i guess i wouldn't build it on Riven anyways, but you get the point) Is it still a good item in the first place?
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