Make shoes for Star Guardian Neeko.

This may be the strangest post you've ever read, but I have to write it before the incorrigible happened. I hate it when champions don’t wear boots (except for monsters, they are cool anyway). This is so stupid because none of you goes out without shoes. Therefore, every time a similar champion comes out, I have to sit and wait for a skin to come out on him that will give him the long-awaited shoes. You can call me an anti-foot fetishist if you want. Fortunately for me, the entire line of skins of Star Guardians to this day has been equipped with boots. Syndra, Janna and Zoe do not wear shoes in a standard skin, but nevertheless got shoes in Star Guardians. But for some reason Neeko was bypassed, although it was she who walked on the ground and she needed shoes like no other. Not so long ago, the Riots had already thought better of it and removed these terrible sandals from the Dragonslayer Pantheon and replaced them with excellent greaves, but the PBE had been gone for a week, and Neeko did not receive such corrections, which forced me to write this post. For the sake of love for humanity and a sense of style, think again and give Neeko shoes. If you agree with me, then support this post, and if not, then go and play with your Pool Party skins with terrible sandals. Have a nice day, everyone.
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