Hey Riot, I have a question about the ranked system, because I feel like it is no longer possible to display your full skill and potential in the matches. The problem that I see is that when I lose it is because my team is constructed from me on shaco, 3 adc and ad kata. If I win then the enemy team is build from 4 tanks with grasp of the undying. I mean, the wast majority of my games were just simply trolled and those are rankeds. Normal games are even worse. The question is: Are you planning to do something about the players that int, troll or go afk? I can cope with losing if I feel like I deserved to lose, but i was 16/4 and couldn't do anything. Trolls and inters are just too difficult to play with. Almost every game is like that and I don't appreciate it. Those matches are simply not fun. You should build a connection with your playerbase and start banning people for inting. If it is "just a bad game" a player can always write to you and prove it. I did that once and worked. Trolling is also a bad behavior, it sets the team behind in the lobby. I know that i can dodge, but nobody wants to lose lp without a fight. A troll pick, should be questioned and if it really is just a troll pick, not a strategy, then it should be bannable. I think that you need a better connection with your player base, because your employees are kind and ready to help, but you are not getting a correct feedback about toxic and inting players.
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