More infos @loading screen frame with rank 7 champs

Hey mates, i really love to main a champion and i love the mastery system. Finally you can show your team that you know your champion really well. But i would like to have additional informations. For example when i have 2 million mastery points on Kennen i would like to show it in the loading frame with wins loses to my team. For someone that mains champions the rank is already some prestige but showing the exact masterie number would motivate me even more. I already loved this in smite when you reach the lvl 10 mastery lvl on your champion you can buy the diamond skin that shows your win/loses in your frame and it really felt great to show your team that you are experienced. What do you think? Should a guy that mains a champions be able to show his team that he got x mastery points in the loading screen or is this too much?
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