Something that can help you get better at this game.

i started previous season with a pretty negative mood, prior to it i managed to get to D5, but that season i ended up only in plat 3, played alot, but in the end just jumped around plat. So in S7 i decided i will get in diamond any way possible and i will do ANYTHING to improve and climb. First thing i did, was become a one-trick pony, dropped mid and became Nami one-trisk, because that would guarantee maximum consistency in my games. One-tricking is probably something that many know, but while looking for things that can help improve further i faund you can do something more: it was exercise and meditation. Videos would pop up about męeditation on my youtube account, got curious and watched few, apperantly it had alot of positive effects, one of them being that it helps learn faster, so i started doing it. I remembered reading in multiple places that alot of pro players are physically fit so did a bit of research and aperantly exercise is something that in general can help you learn faster. So i added exercise into my weekly routine. But there's a problem with it, it takes alot of knowldege to exercise properly, from not overexercising to proper diet and then fiting it all into a week so that i could do some exercises and let body recover before weekend when i play a bunch of league. Last thing that kinda combines it all would be discipline, doing the same thing evry week, evry day. While i did play league only weekends(most of them and sometimes during work days) i still managed to play about 350 games. I think during the season i kinda figured this out so next season i'll be able to more properly focus on league, without having to skip a weekend because i still can't feel my arms. I plan later on make a thread on how more directly improve at league.
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