Is Evelynn midlane viable again?

Back in Season 3 or 4, I used to play a ton of {{champion:28}} mid as my free elo option to gold and it was really fun, since your opponents always had to fear that you might suddenly appear on another lane or in the opponent's jungle when you go invisible and her burst was really good. Then her E got nerfed, Deathfire Grasp got removed from the game and everyone was able to get pink wards from their trinket, so Eve mid wasn't really playable anymore. But now the pink trinket is gone and Evelynn's damage is back up again somehow. Especially with {{item:3057}} and {{item:3100}} , not to mention that her Q procs {{item:3116}}. With {{item:3363}}, Evelynn can scout into the enemy jungle and if their jungler is low HP, go invisible and kill him. However the downside of Evelynn mid is, that mages with burst and hard point&click cc like {{champion:1}} {{champion:13}}{{champion:90}} {{champion:127}} counter her pretty hard. Meanwhile {{champion:268}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} and such are super bad against her, because avoiding their cc is really easy as Evelynn. The ganks and lategame are the same as with Evelynn jungle ofc.
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