rengar rework?!

I was playing against rengar as master yi (this is a rly long time ago) were both junglers. early game I stomped his face by 1 shoting him and by the time it was mid game he already had a score of something like 0/12, It looked like I rly messed up his game. then he comes 1v1 me and 1 shot me -.- he also does that to my teammates, now he has a score of 13/12 (something like that) he just 1 shots everyone omg it was a nightmare luckily we won ;D. what I'm trying to say is I think {{champion:107}} need some kind of rework because his kit aint healthy, if you stomp him next thing you know youll be wiped of the of the earth. if I rework him the only thing ill change is his ult and give a jump too. his ult is a jump that gives him massive burst damage because of 5 stacks, ill just give him a jump (that doesn't give 5 stacks) and change ult
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