Botlane vs mid vs jungle..

Hi Been playing lol again for a while as mid main i was carrying myself from silver to gold so far...always duo q with a jungler... But i feel incapabel of carrying with him...cuz of bot lane... U either have abot lane who feeds and im incapable of carrying the game even if i win...but if my mid is just playing safe u cant simply go 5.0 Or ur bot does good and in which case it doesnt matter if u do cuz u get carried anyway... So in other words if u do mediocre or bad but safe ur useless Even my jungler is raging as he used to be able to rek botlane But now when he comes bot he will get rekt...even if he is 3.0 as xin and they are equal...he is cant carry the fight...which used to be the case in previous seasons... But here comes the big thing... We started playing botlane...and my friend is a good mf adc...i just picked up alistar...and we just rape the game... I read all kinds of ppl saying this...but its really happening and a big flaw... Top lane is the most useless lane Midlane comes close after.. Jungle only purpose is assisting botlane.. Hope this chances soon..
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