Is top a good lane to climb elo with? How is it higher elo?

Whats your thoughts ? I found jungle and adc was easy to climb out of Bronze and silver...[{{champion:22}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:51}}] In gold im having loads more sucess playing top lane with [{{champion:2}} {{champion:58}}] so i have decided to stick playing these to see if i can get through Gold . Although i don't go on mad killing sprees and usualy finish with less kills than deaths my team most of the time give me good feedback saying im a team player and inpact well in teamfights or splitpushing etc... I was wondering what other members think the easiest role is to play to climb Low elo with ? Is top lane a lot harder to make an impact once you get higher elo? Im sitting at 1579 elo and its the highest iv been from when i first started Leauge (season 1 , Ranked from season 3 ) but always had a bad computer and internet was shocking (2mb rural) I moved into my own house now with a decent computer and 50mb internet and managed to climb silver to gold in a few days. Its crazy what the ping difference makes (22ms 220fps from 89-150 60dpslow settings).
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