My opinion on reworks so far

Ill try to give some honest thoughts for few major least based on my experience so far. 1. Talon : If we try to dodge the fact that he is banned 24/7 (probably hype more then him being that scary) , and use small game sample that i did obtain - i really like it. Most important factor for me here - they kept it simplistic. He still feels like Talon to me, but with updated mechanics for current game. Also, as funny as it sound i am glad he feels somewhat viable on top. For me he always felt as a bruiser/assassin hybrid that you would ramp up easier top lane. Some "negative" aspects - there arent many. E still feels a bit clunky, where you can end up having having a small corner or a section of a wall still usable, with no purpose. Also, it is a bit slow (which is fine..for the theme of it), but i would like to see him being untargetable in the moment of jumping - it would make sense. Beside this, the famous 3 stack idea...ohh Riot, you love that one so much. I dont feel a stacking mechanic on something that should clean and run. Simply changing it to , when target drops to 20% , attacks will cause bleed - or something like that. 2. Katarina : All i will say is - Konoha's yellow flash :D Jokes aside, rework was done in proper manner. Skill cap went up, concept is a bit different, she has way more possibilities to dance around enemies, but the damage potential remains the same. Changing her from "penta or bust" to proper tactical assassin. 3. Rengar - Lets be least one rework must go bad, and this one really went down. The sentence in rework spotlight "giving enemies better oportunity to react" probably biggest joke i've heard...ever. To clarifiy - im not saying he is bad...he is TOO GOOD now. Old Rengar's kit and approach had some sense - your ultimate empowers your ferocity, and provides you way t go in - thats it. You either jump with q or open up with bola strike to lock them down. Either way - since all ult did was help him approach, you had at least some time to counter react. Giving him chance to nulify someone now with ult sick. Farming with q is improved, there are less ferocity stacks, passive is improved, ult is off the charts improved (exlamation mark was actually a better warninng for me, then Rengars face)...and finally - who in the living hell gives cleanse build in kit ? Literaly only thing that stops assassin is vision and cc - Rengar is safe from both. So to conclude it - Talon and Rengar are two opposite sides of how rework can be done. You can expand and improve abilities (Talons case), without giving him traits that would bruiser have (Rengar) ultimately making him busted. 4. Le Blanc - in some manner similar to Katarina. Simple changes, but good ones. Sigil becoming the passive, ult not being "press stronger distortion to nuke" but actually properly theme oriented, seems like a good direction. Her skill cap also seems to go a little higher now, which makes lower tiers possibly easier to breathe. Still, since she was disabled we need to see more of her. Pls comment guys, and feel free to share your thoughts about rework {{summoner:31}}
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