Is this still even fun?

I do have fun playing League of Legends, a lot... but there are certain matches where i just want to leave the game... today i played against a team who had a Blitzcrank and Zed... i got pulled and basically got instakilled, and it happened like 3 or more times... in 5 minutes! You can call me "bad" or whatever you want but the unbalance on the matches is just completely ridiculous, riot keeps messing with champions that no one plays, instead of nerfing the ultra OP champions that everyone plays... it is just stupid. I mean.. seriously, i could be in China and Blitzcrank would still grab me from another country, in the speed of Cristiano Ronaldo's best free kick. And a fed Zed? He jumps on you with that retarded low cooldown ulti and you are dead, unless you are a tank, have zhonyas or you are a fucking Fizz {{champion:105}}
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