Riot u did it

Dear Riot, you did it. You finally did it. I just give me one more good reason for quit League... I was already pissed with the toxic and troller players but now is not about the players but about your worst mistake, Zoe. Is not supposed to all champs have some kind of counterplay and is not supposed to be fun to play against all champs?? Well, zoe is not fun to play against or have a counterplay. It's just a ridiculous champion. Why? Q - Well it's a fast projectile with a HIGH scale and HIGH damage. Sometimes u are just farming and zoe cast it on fog of war run to you and recast and half of your HP is gone if u didn't get 1 shotted. W - I think it's useless to explain why stealing sum spells and items just makes no sense and how tilting it is why she is low and get a random heal or barrier or even a redemption. Oh and that bonus little bubbles for extra damage are fun too E - I think its funny get sloppy for 2 sec and also next damage will deals u extra bonus TRUE damage... Oh and ofc that "small" extra range when u cast it on a wall R - Its the only thing balanced on the entire kit. Well I know, now you will downvote this and comment something like "Zoe is balanced" or "If u dodge her skills is an ez kill lol" but I don't care. Zoe is a broken champ and all community says that exept people who play zoe. Have a nice day
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