An issue regarding smurfing

So, basically the simple question is, why is smurfing allowed? I've been trying to understand for awhile now and I'm still confused about this thing. Why is elo boosting, bannable, and smurfing allowed? Everyone is complaining about people getting boosted to high GM/Challenger, and then inting the games because they don't know the actual game, but when it comes to the high elo players that are smurfing in lower elo (silver-plat), it's like that's supposed to be. Players that are in gold-plat elo are there because that's the level they play, having a smurf is pretty much a 100% win for that team, how's the enjoyable? How is the enemy team expected to win that game, playing against a low challenger/high challenger player? I've just got tired of playing in high plat elo and having GM/Challenger smurfs in either my team or enemy one (and I'm talking about 90+%, 20 games, level 30-40 gold division in plat elo players) that are playing like it's a tournament game. I'm playing ranked to climb and progress my ability to play the game, how should I know if I played good or not if the enemy team has a xerath that hits every skills and rotates way too good for a plat elo? How should I win when the enemy jungler got full jng vision, knows exactly where I am and is mostly in my jungle? The reason divisions exists is to literally separate the players based on their skill level, so they could learn while playing against players within the same skill gap. I'm not expecting, nor hoping to win against a challenger player, because then the question would be, why am I plat and not challenger? I'm just curious, why would people spend time leveling a new account from 0 to level 30, just so they could ruin other player's games, and potentially force them to just buy elo boosting because they'd feel that in a high elo game, they have 100% chance of getting the other 4 players in his team to be high elo, instead of a good chance that his team is the same elo as he is, but in the enemy team there's at least 1 high elo player. It's just dumb how riot's actively trying to market the game through google ads/facebook ads, while also allowing smurfing, so a new player would get in a level 1 game and be forced to play with high diamond players, because "they want to have fun". I'm really missing the days when I started to play league and players would play duo top until late 25s, at which point I barely learn what a jungler is ...... When you fight someone like this: , in plat elo, you just lose all the fun to the game, because you already know that there's no way to win. One way or another, even if you're in plat and that game you play at your best, you won't be able to win, because you are plat elo, and he is way higher.
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