pls double turret dmg bring back truedmg, and double health,Games to fast!

is it only me that running games is super fast? often at 15 min, we or the enemys are at inhibs. games are finished in 20 mins o.O. and increase all armor from each champ by 10 or so, ad assasins can dive u on level 3... yesterday hat a game, enemy got over 20 kills the first 10 minutes. and we only got like 3 kills. -the new Lethal Tempo rune, is a free unnerfed ardent censer fir every adc. uts broken. -talon,zed,xin can onecombo u on level 3 under turret now -orn and braum can tank tutrets at level 1 like crazy. -sona support can 1vs1 the adc when she is 1lvl behind... somd things are crazy. specialy the speed game ends!
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