Make the game faster.

The game is better than before. Now i only need to plan with 40. minutes with all the champ select, bans, and map loading included. But it could be FASTER! With the Launcher Summoner Rift also gets loaded. No longer wait that much for others with shitty HDD. If you go for any other map, then it's your choice. All players know, that ranked is the only existing game mode anyway, and would never play anything else. Even if they get client crash or 9999 ping. Better lose that LP! First blood would worth 9000 gold. That way the team winning the first round would win the game. No longer need to play all that time though. Games could end in 10 minutes. But what if it takes long to get first blood? FEAR NOT! It won't. New patch ensures, that first blood will happen within the first 15 minutes. Passive aura would reduce everyone's health by 10% every minute up to 99,9%. Damage is great enough, but now we go further by reducing health. Last but most importantly we remove the ban, and respawn system. No need to waste time with banning since every champion is well balanced, and possible to counter. Also who needs respawn? Just don't die. If your team lose the last member, then enemy team automatically wins. With these changes average game time would be reduced to 7minute 32second 387milisecond. With the champion select calculated you would only need 10 minutes. Climb faster, than ever!
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