the yet untouched ideas or mechanics for new champs( like summoner spells for zoe and shop for ornn)

1-the river (maybe put sharks or crocodiles in their) 2-other champions's abilities (stealing or copying abilities) 3-messin with terrain (rito really wants this one) 4-stealin gold(a 5 proc ability to steal gold maybe) 5-corpses( just havin corpses layin on the battlefield feels wrong we hould have somethin do somethin about that) 6-Time like really(I don't mean experience or positioning I mean real in game time to prevent dragon or a bad teamfight maybe once every 180 sec) 7-items (champion with ability to switch items that are close in price with enemies for a period of time) 8-jungle hypno ( we've seen it all from freeing the jungle monsters to oneshoting them its time to control them and finally get some help and those gnaks if you cant do it then the gromp can) 9- blinds ( there is more than one way to blind maybe a champ can put up wards that when all put chain to each other preventing vision and must be destroyed to regain vision for both enemies and allies and inwards and outwards really goo for toplaners or supports) 10- apc (idk I like it and I want it) 11-charm/curses abilities on enemies (like dmg him but speed him up or cc and heal) 12- charm x taunt= betrayal (make a enemy champ taunted to the nearest enemy target 13-ivern of the minions(give the minions some love) 14-random idea (neutral champs equivalent to baron or drag) 15-steal xp(get that goddamn lvl 6 before them) 16-tornado clock( spin the are area around you clock wise to all champs) that's what I have on my mind feel free too add or object its your right really hope you like the ideas{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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