Maybe a new feature for TFT

Hi, I have an idea for tft which is for 3 star champs that can add a new skill besides the normal one * For example: Vayne who now has only the w passive, when she gets 3 star, starts getting mana and when it fills up, she s doing the Q ability I think that this is a good feature for the low tier champs because they are a bit unbalanced, i mean we can t compare a brand with mordekaiser, brand is just too op * Another example: Mordekaiser at 3 stars starts to have his passive after a few hits This new feature can be good for a few champs that are weak and actually get to 3 stars and starts being actually good and starts to keep up with other champs that are actually good in late game I m open to hear your opinion about this Much love Skitz0
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