Kayn in TFT(part 2)

I've made discussion about kayn, but i didn't think enough to make him balanced. Stats: Class origin: Assassin(and maybe blademaster idk) Cost: 1 gold Health: 600 Armor/Magic resist: 20/20; Damage: 60 Attack Speed: 0.55 range: 180/1 hex Ability cost: 100 mana 1st Ability: his ult in the other modes; 2nd Ability: By making 2-star kayn you can make him demon(darkin, not the item), or wait till you get 3-star kayn and make him phantom(shadow assassin). Darkin's effect: Heals for the 40/60 percents of the damage he deals, but healing items' effects are 50 percents effective. Shadow assassin's effect: when the fight starts 2 random enemy champions are marked. If marked champion dies, the mark goes to other champion(can't be stacked). Kayn deals 2 times more damage to marked enemies.

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