Victory Orbs (Replacing Victory Skins)

Everyone wishes they could get hold of the old Victory skins, I mean Victory Janna and Victory Morgana being two of the most requested ones. We all know Riot is worried if they release them in the store or by random chest drops that some crazy people may complain. **BUT** what if instead of receiving the latest victory skin at the end of a season instead you receive a Victory Orb? You may use this orb for Orange Essence **OR** to craft any of the released Victory Skins? When it was the Lunar Revel festival, player were rewarded with Golden Orbs they could use to craft Gold Chromas for certain champions. Surely they can do the same with Victory Orbs? Lets say the current 2018 victory skin goes to Singed and you don't play singed or own him. You can instead choose to craft any of the previous victory skins or hold onto the orb till a victory skin is made that you want. Or if you're silly you can just turn it into orange essence.......
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